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This sequel to The Bride Price shows that family and compassion are celebrated, as three generations learn from their past and build the future.

This book shows the development from rote learning into a relational and strategic way of thinking. It also shows the power of love to teach.

It’s obvious the author knows of and understands the people, the culture, and the traditions she writes about in “The Academy.” Only someone who has been there could write with such detail. I enjoyed learning about Africa and it's people through this well woven and fascinating story. The book maintained my interest throughout, and I remained anxious to find out what was coming next. Very intriguing.

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Generational tensions and threat from a family member make this a gripping story. It continues the story of the Chitundu family with fresh twists. Forgotten relationships are reborn and help to address the threat to a young child. It is a page-turner with strong characters and a great story. 

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