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Critique group, A Passing Grade, and A Girl Named Cortina.

:Your job is to dream, mine is to make it happen" as quoted by Harvey H., one of my critique group members in talking to his wife. What a good line!

Today we shared pickup lines, in addition to reading our stories, poems, and plays to each other. When you share a number of readings or posts with another person, the picture begins to fill out more completely, and everything they read or write is then seen in a frame. If felt so much closer to Stephen King after reading his book On Writing. He has such a good sense of humor and practical solutions to writing problems. I have read it more than once just for the enjoyment of it.

I am working on a new character, a very young girl named Curtain. She is telling me what to write about her, but I find it necessary to check out and verify what she says. The next novel will be another for the Chitundu Chronicles called A Passing Grade. This one is waiting for the art for its cover. Eventually, the book on A Passing Grade will tie in with the story of a little girl from Brazil, once I learn her story. So far, she is learning that her father has been kidnapped, her mother is pregnant, and her uncle is going to work for the same boss as her father. ...

Education of girls in Africa.

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