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Mothers Day, 2014

The day was especially happy for me, welcoming a new grandson, visiting with my children for a brunch, and seeing the cards the grandchildren had made. As I watched them interact with each other, and make their choices on the menu, I recalled taking our first group of African middle school scholarship recipients for their first restaurant meal, accompanied by their teacher. She refused to order, but said it was a day those stuents would never forget. The food was almost too rich for them, especially the bacon slices. We were able to equip them with backpacks, shoes, and textbooks, as well as a scholarship, thanks to the generosity of our family and donors. Today, we have over 1000 students going on to secondary school, and several are college graduates and employed. Some call me Mom, and that is the greatest compliment.

I look forward this August to visiting Healing Place School in Zambia, where we, along with the Calvary Presbyterian Team from Enumclaw, will be constructing a dining hall for the campus. If you would like to read more about this project, leave your email address and I will forward you a newsletter. We are looking for donors to assist with scholarships for Blessings and Sam, one for teacher education and the other computer training. As you follow stories in the news, remember that girls all over Africa are struggling to get an education, Each one that succeeds influences generations of children.

Education of girls in Africa.

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