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Suzanne Popp was born into a large military family that criss-crossed the country in her early childhood. She and her husband, Ken, began their Africa experience in the Peace Corps in Ghana. She taught English and African literature at a post secondary teachers training college. During vacation periods, she and her husband traveled over 16,000 miles overland in Central, West, and East Africa by native transport. As a woman, she visited the households of young wives and mothers sharing their joy and their frustrations as they poured out their dreams of a better future. Suzanne returned to Africa many times, and has been actively involved in the education of girls and vulnerable children, as well as building homes for those in need through VillageSteps, the charity founded by her family for the education of orphans and vulnerable children and through 14 Habitat for Humanity Global Village teams.Her passion is to tell positive stories of Africa that reveal the humanity and kindness of families in difficult circumstances. Suzanne is a mother, a grandmother, and an advocate for literacy in emerging countries as well as locally. At home on her horse farm, she writes, is active in the arts, and serves as a Director of VillageSteps.

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