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The Bride Price


Myrna Chitundu, a brilliant teenage girl dreams of becoming a doctor. She is the first in her village to be admitted to an all-boys secondary school where she is taught by an English tutor who encourages her. When an offer of marriage from a wealthy older man is presented to her family, Myrna knows what she must do-the bride price is too great for her family to refuse. Setting her own hopes and dreams aside, Myrna accepts marriage to a man she has met only once, who will take her far from the only home she has ever known. This sweeping novel of hope and redemption follows the life of three generations of Chitundus as they discover the powerful bond of family, faith and love is not easily broken.


An excellent audio version is now available.

The Academy


This sequel to The Bride Price shows that family and compassion are celebrated, as three generations learn from their past and build the future.

This book shows the development from rote learning into a relational and strategic way of thinking. It also shows the power of love to teach.

In A Passing Grade. Three students from the Academy leave to attend nursing college in the neighboring country of Malawi. They are the first in their family or community to go to college, and they learn that progress is not always a straight line.


Audible version available too.

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