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On Writing

If an image speaks for itself, don't interrupt.

Fredericc Buechner: Be still and know that I am God, is good literary advice. Be still like


as you check out this blog, what are your favorite quotes? I can still remember a child's

remark when he saw a grebe sliding in for a landing on Lake Washington, "Hey! Him look

like a pimp in Beatle boots!"

A good image can stick with you for many years. I am looking forward to hearing your favorite quotes; what you love and what riles you.

I chose this site because the shipping container images remind me of tin roofs in small villages, while the evergreen trees of the background suggest the rural logging town in Western Washington where I was raised.

The title for this blog eluded me. I could only recall the appeal of a recent novel titled The Real House Wives of Section 8, That title gets my vote for originality. Feel free to send me your best suggestions for a title for this starting conversation. As Helga told Swen before he shot her"I'm game."

Education of girls in Africa.

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