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The other side of Africa

I am rereading The Bride Price by Buchi Emecheta and thinking how interesting it would be to meet this author. The book cover says she is now living in London.

My current work is a memoire on an Ashanti man who lived with us in Ghana, and again in the U.S. His story is fascinating to me. Do I write it as a memoire from my side of the fence, or do I make it biographical?

I am leery of making too many points of view, as this is confusing to the reader, and strongly advised against in the advice books to authors and writers of fiction I have been reading.

This week I took a class from Howard VanEs on promoting of books, and it was most helpful in seeing the need for a good title. My original title for this work Is Tano: The River Listens. How does that sound to anyone out there who loves stories about Africa? Since my first two books are about southern Africa, I was going to use the subtitle The Other side of Africa.

My first two books, are about women, this one would be the story of a young man coming of age in both Africa and the United States. What intrigues me about the story is the leaps of faith and geography he was willing to take at the age of 19 and how nothing came between him and his dream, once he was decided on it. I may post a chapter from the book on this blog if there is interest in such a story.

Education of girls in Africa.

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